• In 2015, our K-12 Story Problem Challenge featured a free and innovative teacher tool that allows instructors to view real-time student gameplay data and helps them remove key misconceptions at the group and individual level. During the challenge, the live dashboard in the Teacher Copilot provided feedback in two ways by showing both progress (number of problems attempted) and proficiency (correctness of problems attempted). The cumulative dashboard shows number of problems solved of each type and total time spent on task. Developed by the Center for Game Science, we’re ready to bring this tool to your classroom and see how it can help you.

    • Ease of Set-up (aided by option for student self-registration)
    • No Passwords or e-mails required by students
    • Teacher Scaffolding (Lesson Plans)
    • Lesson Plan Information Hiding (only outline shown, teachers click when they want more detail)
    • Common Core alignment, Games and Lessons state focus standards
    • Student Pairing/Grouping
    • Real-time feedback
    • Greater teacher control over content being presented (Games have level packs which are different progressions/content)
    • Teacher ability to differentiate games within a given class
    • Teacher ability to pause game remotely
    • Access to our award-winning Refraction, Tree Frog Treasure, and Creature Capture fraction games (Variations of these are available for free on our website.)
    • Access to several unreleased prototype games and teacher tools (including our Singapore Model Building Word Problem Game: Riddle Books and our Fractions Visualizer )

  • Adding students to classroom within Copilot tutorial video. (Washington State Story Problem Challenge Spring 2016 specific.)
    Getting your activity running with Copilot tutorial video. (Washington State Story Problem Challenge Spring 2016 specific.)
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